Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Happenings

Yesterday in honor of Cinco de Mayo, we had tacos for dinner. From the kit, we had afterschool activities, so I did not go crazy. The kids like the beef, and I put grilled chicken from the night before in mine... Yum! My girls were so into the whole Mexican themed dinner, that they created a Mexican Dance to perform after dinner. It was cute! What imagination these kids have!

The big news of the night was that Miss J (10) lost TWO teeth last night. The kid has four front teeth then two huge gaps on either side, then a molar or two in the back. I have to wonder how she can still eat. LOL

I'm cleaning up the downstairs today, trying to listen to some Podcasts... I find that I can only enjoy the KnitPicks podcast, Kelly's voice is soothing, no annoying music in the background... but I'd like to have a few more to add to my iTunes line-up. Any favorites you have?

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Janice said...

I haven't listened to many podcasts. I keep forgetting about them! I'm going to check back now and then to see if you've been given any recommendations!! :-)