Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another FO!

My Sockotta sock. I noticed that they bled like crazy when I washed them. My Purl Gurl A, told me to expect this. It was shocking exactly how blue the water was after a nice soak in Eucalan. I love the colors regardless. These will be prefect for wearing with my jeans. This pair is a K2, P2 pattern, stopping at the ankle, then just stockinette to the toe, where I did one purl row for where store bought socks have the line... I thought it would be cute, and it is. I like to do something different with each sock I make, and this was it for this sock.
I have two more skeins of Sockotta in my stash. I'm not so crazy about the colors, so I don't see myself knitting them up too quickly, lots of other yummy yarns calling out to me.

I.Love.These.Colors!! This sock is coming along nicely. I am doing a K3 P1 pattern, and having it go down to the toe in pattern. Like I said, I am doing different things with each sock I make... soon, I'll be doing some nice interesting patterns... remember, I haven't been knitting socks for quite a year yet.

My friend Janice is doing something special this November. Please help her out, it's a great cause!

Off to be a parent... LOL

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Donna Lee said...

I finished my first pair of sockotta socks and promptly gave them away. I really liked them and now have to go buy another skein for me. Yours look great.