Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Meet Lana!

Miss J (DD 9 years old- for just a few more days) made this fetching hat and scarf for her little wee sock monkey that she bought at out most favoritest, bestest, LYS Jill Deal in Milford, PA.

I cannot tell you how awesome I think my daughter is. Actually all three of my children are awesome in their own special way... and when they let this "special way shine" I am just as happy and proud as can be!!

My daughter CAN KNIT!!!!!! do you know how happy that makes me????? :)

A whole bunch of happy, that's how happy!!!!


Carrie said...

The hat & scarf are adorable, that's one well-outfitted monkey!

Donna Lee said...

Two of my three daughters knit and I love it. It brings us closer together as we plan yarn store excursions. I am working on the third daughter. She says she is 'thinking about taking it up'

Jennifer said...

Yeah! Like mother like daughter. How thrilling.

IslandPurls said...

My compliments Miss J!!!! What a cute hat and scarf!! That monkey is very, very lucky!!