Thursday, January 3, 2008

Grande, Venti, X-Large Socks

Hmmmm These were one of the first socks that I made. I used DPNs and I religiously tried them on the whole time to make sure that they would fit. I even went to my LYS Jill Deal to buy contrasting navy blue yarn to make the toes, because I though that I would not make it to the end ... I have size 9 ish feet. Obviously, I should have stopped much earlier... sigh...

I think that I will be ripping back and re-sizing them. Anyone do this before? I *cannot* gift these sock... I LURV the yarn... I *have* to wear them.... they are FAB!!

Question is, should I do this *before* or *after* I color my hair? HA!


Janice said...

Hmmm, bummer! I do love the looks of the socks and hope you figure out a quick fix!! Happy New Year!!

Anonymous said...

Aw nuts! Color your hair first, it will fortify you and then rip the sock back.
I am always afraid that I will run out yarn for socks too and I never have. yet.