Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Woolly Wednesday

My DD 9 would like to share with other kids her joy of knitting.

So on Wednesdays I present to you .... Woolly Wednesdays!!!! with your host Cherry Larry(monkey) and guest star Merry Kerry(elephant)! They are holding my FO. A wrist warmer for me knit with Patons Wool and on 3.75mm dpn. I`ll be done knitting the other one before school starts then I`ll have a finshed project to wear.

My first FO was a furry scarf for my sister`s Chirstmas present.

If you are a kid and like to comment I`d be glad to chat.

Daughter of SwissKnits


Lisa said...

Cute wrist warmers! Love the color. They will look fab on you. Your sister is lucky to be receiving a gift from the heart (and the needles) this Christmas :)

HDW said...

Awesome daughter wants to leave you a message toO!

hEY, i AM 7 AND MY NAME is Miss S. I am 7 and mom taught me to knit too! I want to knit wrist warmers now! I love yours!!!

Anna said...

It's so cool that kids are sharing in their parents love of knitting. This is a message from my son.

Hi. I'm Chance and my mom taught me how to knit this spring. I'm 10 years old. I just learned knitting in the round this week. I'm making a water bottle "sock".

Lisa said...

My daughter, RJ, wants to leave you a comment:

Hi I'm 8 and my mom started teaching me how to knit today. I am making a scarf using Patton's Soy Wool Stripe in Plum. I want to learn how to make wrist warmers like yours, too.