Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Moving along on the Chevron Scarf

I really love the colors. I cannot take any compliments for that, I stole them from Sheri at my favoritest yarn site, The Loopy Ewe! I am using the same colors that she blogged about last week. I was dreaming last night about making another chevron scarf in a cherry-chocolate combo. I think I will use Cherry Tree Hill in Java and Cherry. I wear scarves pretty much the whole winter, even in the house, I have a bunch of short scarves that I call Neck Cozies that I use to help keep me warm. I will add that to my queue in Ravelry. just as soon as I get time to figure some computer things out. I keep reminding myself that stretching is good for the ole grey matter up there.

I will post a progress shot once we see the sun again.

Brrrrrr I currently have on my long red fleece robe and am still a bit chilly. Feel like I missed out on September and October and went straight thru to November. But that can't be, the kids are not in school. Which makes this week feel even longer. It's the end of summer. We've done pretty much all the activities that we had planned. Many of our friends are taking one last getaway, and we are home, cold 50's here and it's raining. Not much for the kids to do. Today we do have a dental visit for all three. Whoooppppeeeeee! Come on kids, let's get our teeth cleaned!!! Oh that will thrill them.

Back to knitting. My Juicy Melon socks (or rather DD4 socks) are coming along slowly. And I feel the need to get them done, as I promised Shelly that I would send her a picture of a finished sock for her Etsy shop... I guess my enthusiasm plummeted once I realized that they did not fit me. I knit too tightly, and there is no stretch because they are in stockinette. My dilemma was do I frog them? and re-do them? or just have whoever can wear them, wear them. Based on the fact that I am not a super fast Wendy-type knitter, and that I have 3 kids and other things that I have to do with my time, I decided to just finish them and give them to DD4. She is super excited and will get a lot more wear out of them than I will. She will love wearing them to school this year. She is very particular about her socks, and they will also be a source of comfort for her while she is in school. They will be like little hugs on her cute little piggies.

Ok, off for the day. My plan, to stay away from all sites that accept PayP@l and credit cards. DH will be having an intervention for me soon and will take me to a Spend-a-holic Anonymous meeting. I guess he has a valid point, tuition for the kids, the mortgage, food and electric... and I was only trying to support the little guy - I mean - knitters that I know, and all the cute things that they are creating.


laura said...

They are fabulous colors no matter who originally paired them. :)
I have had the Chevron Scarf in my queue too, but I don't know quite when I will get to it - I will have to finish a few other things first.

I love the Woolly Wednesday idea - I can't wait to see more (even though I am not a kid - just a kid at heart).

Thanks again for the blog love on the last post!

Janice said...

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you know.. I bet Sheri LOVES that you are making the same colors!! I'm going to end up frogging mine and starting over.. Sigh. Lots of projects have been ending up in the frog pond lately. I must be distracted.
My husband will probably have me join you at shopper anonyomous! I keep thinking that since I've been home so much that I haven't been spending much..oh the dangers of the internet :-)
LOVE your daughters post! I'll be checking in on Wednesdays for sure!!