Sunday, August 19, 2007

False Start & Challenging myself

I have not been *really* knitting for even a year yet. Yes, I learned when I was young from my Italian Nonna, but the language barrier and my age prevented me from doing much more than swatches. I wish that I would have insisted that I learn more... through the years I have knit many lenghts of rectangles... commonly called doll blankets and scarves... I cannot tell you how many knitting shops I have visited and or called for lessons... to be turned away - and feeling mortified that I even *asked*... It wasn't until I bravely walked thru the doors of my LYS, meet a nice teacher E, and my two Purl Gurl knitting buddies that I have grown as a knitter. I have only been knitting socks since spring... and have not yet knit a sweater (See one of my earlier posts.. Not in Love)... but I have been having the MOST fun challenging myself. Cheering myself on... letting my kids see how I try to figure things out on my own, asking for help when I come up against difficulties, and finally SUCCESS! Success comes slower for a full-time SAHM with bored children home for the summer.

I think that of the many reasons that I love knitting, the challenges that I go up against are the best. What satisfation I feel when I conquer either my fear, my mistakes or a new pattern. I get such a feeling of satisfaction in knowing that *I* did it. I love that "learning" feeling too. Got to keep the brain thinking.

Oh, and look at what came in the mail today!! And made it into today's photo shoot, my itty bitty stitch markers from Orinda5. She has a shop on Etsy. I thought that they were cute when I saw them on-line... but in person they are so much more adorable!!!! and the tags with tiny ribbons... cute and ready to be gifted - not this order, these cuties are for me... but I'm sure I will be placing an order closer to Christmas for some of my knitting friends... My girls are deciding which ones they will take - gotta give them some bad news. These are Momma's.

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Janice said...

I LOVE your scarf!! I am loving that Fiesta Boomerang!! My daughter just made socks with it and they are amazing!!! The stitch markers are very adorable! Another Etsy shop to visit. Sigh.