Thursday, August 30, 2007

Tardy Thursday

My progress on the Chevron Scarf. I have memorized the pattern, so I am able to knit much faster that usual. I do only really knit it once the kids are in bed. I hate having to put my knitting down every few minutes... I really find that unless we are all outside that I cannot knit during the day. Oh well, less than a week before they are in school.

Our big beautiful spider that lives outside our front door. I panicked a few days ago, because DH and DS12 cleaned all the cobwebs and other yuck that sticks to the outside of the house and I really thought that they gave the spider a permanent eviction notice and gave her little cement shoes... but she is back!! Every night I put on the front light a take a look at what Miss Spider is doing. She makes the most wonderful webs. They are a wonder to look at, especially with the morning dew. Can you tell we have seen Charlotte's Web this summer. What a wonderful movie!! The kids love her too. OK, now before you think that I need an adjustment on my meds.... if she were in the house she would be received with an ear piercing scream and I would be jumping all over the place. But with me in *my* home and her in her *outside* home we can live happily together.

The cute bags I got from Stuck in Illinois on Etsy

DD9 had a recital this week, so no knitting was done. Hence no Woolly Wednesday post. Buuuuuuuut we have the swan from the diorama that she is working on for her school project. I may just be one of those overly proud moms... but I think it's great... did I mention that she is 9?

So that is our week in a post.

I have not started anything new, I'm trying to get all my WIP's moving along. I should make time to get this Blogger thing worked out... seems something changed and I still cannot get links to work... oy


Janice said...

LOVE the chevron scarf... You're making great progress on it!! I need to FROG the one I'm doing and start another. Cute cute bags! I bought the same coffee one for my daughter! She loved it! It really is the perfect size for sock projects!!

Ok, you're spider totally would freak me out.. even living just outside... She's big!!!

LadyHatton said...

I am amazed by your older daughter's swan!! She must get her creative genes from you :)
As for the spider..just think of all the mosquitoes and flies she must eat!