Monday, November 3, 2008

iKnit with my iPurl

My kids all have iPods. They save their money from birthdays and holidays and chores, and have all purchased them completely on their own (ok, Miss M gets the hand-me-downs-she's 5). We are very proud of them.

E-Brake, wanted to upgrade from his iPod Video before our summer in Sardinia, he was short $100. I purchased his iPod video for the $100. and I got a cool upgrade from my Nano to an iPod Video...sweet! So we tweaked the rules a bit for him, he's a sweet kid.

Then one day, Miss J hit a series of buttons on my new/old iPod Video and KaPUT it died, just a few weeks into our summer away. This iPod had some videos for Miss M and some Knitting Audio Books for me... it was a sad day, actually I was furious... when we came home, we found out that the iPod Video was no longer under warranty... how sad was I? Now I was out, as I had passed my Nano on to my parents.

This weekend, we went to the mall to get Church clothes for Miss J, along the way, we stopped at the Apple store. Immediately, Miss M had to go to the bathroom, and this Apple store does not have a restroom... We ran over to G@pKids and we did what we had to do. By the time I got back to the Apple store my sweet Mac crazy husband is trading in the broken iPod Video for a shiny new iPod Touch for ME!!!!!!! An early Christmas present!!!! And I get to play with it now! Yesterday, it was all about the iPod Touch... we loaded up that baby and I am in love, IN LOVE I TELL YOU!!!! and I am so not a gadget girl. I enjoy my G4, I enjoy my phone and my digital camera, but man oh man... I see this iPod Touch being my bestest buddy. I already got in a game in this's amazing!!!!! I can see why people are head over heels with this and the new iPhone.

OK, now for how this relates to knitting... I headed over to Ravelry and to the Mac Fans group to see what everyone had to say about the iTouch, come to find out that there is a cool FREE feature that you can get at the iTunes site called StitchMinder. It helps count rows completed, two different rows, pattern repeats and increase rows.

Yes, I named it iPurl.... it's true love.


Donna Lee said...

My husband is really jonesing for an Iphone. I'm making him wait till Christmas. I read about the knitting feature and think that's about the coolest thing ever.

Jennifer said...

Wow - you've nearly put me over the edge. I might have to ask for one for Christmas.

Janice said...

Thanks for the link for the Stitch minder.. I now have it loaded onto my i-touch. :) Really missed going to Reinbeck with you this year.. hopefully next year will work out!!