Monday, October 13, 2008

My Anne Lacy Shawl Blocking and Ready for Rhinebeck!!

My Anne Lacy Shawl from Schaefer Yarn... Love it!! I used KnitPicks Gloss in Cosmos. 70%Merino Wool, 30% Silk. I used 3 skiens... I cast on 9/31/08 and cast off 10/12/08.

A close up shot, the stitch is soooo nice to knit, yet in the beginning it was a tad frustrating... As always, I love to learn, stretch and grow with each knitting project, so I rolled with it. By the end of the shawl, I did NOT want to stop... that is a good sign... maybe there is another Anne Lacy Shawl in my future... I likey!

Now I hope that the weather on Saturday is pleasant, I would really like to wear this shawl at Rhinebeck... 5 days!!

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Donna Lee said...

I just finished ordering some alpaca/silk to make myself a shawl from folk shawls. There is something so magical about lace knitting.