Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I Was Ruthless...

And now, I feel better.

When I left in June, I did not take a pair of On-Line #782 socks with me. I had *just* figured out that I had 3-4 inches left to finish both socks and I had knit one with 64 stitches and the other with 56 stitches. What the????? I now math is not my strongest thing, but...

So I frogged the one sock with 56 stitches. I'll work on it tomorrow at the hair salon. I love the yarn, so it should knit up quickly...I know in the end I will feel better that I riiiiiiipped.

I also frogged a cowl that I had knit up last year that I never liked... I LOVE the yarn Andean Silk in cream from KnitPicks... I love the smell of this yarn.... mmmmmm. I must find a nicer cowl pattern to knit.

These two things have been bugging me. I guess a little "away time" did wonders for me. LOL

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