Monday, April 28, 2008

Apparently, I'm NOT smarter than a 5th grader...

Ok, So I'm making great time on my Super Special Project, for my Super Special Person... I'm to the heel flap on both, ahem, project pieces, I am working on DPN's and the project pieces are 'racing' each other... the Eye of Partridge heel flap looks stunning with this particular yarn.... but one flap is coming along *much* quicker... even though the project pieces are 'racing'.... why? because one project has a 24 stitch heel flap, and the other project has a 32 stitch heel flap... FPS!!!!!!! (For Pete's Sake).... Can I COUNT????!?!?!?!?!! I guess while casting on for these puppies, I mistakenly did not remember to double check the cast on amount... sigh.... This project was a practice in casting on... and in trying to be all my defense, as I do know how to count... well at least to 20....LOL... I cast on for the second, ahem, project piece after ripping it out for the millionth time because it was being stubborn... I did not have the other sock with me, and I relied on my memory, which has been shot by my three healthy, lively, loud children.... I think I need to write things down.

I took a few deep breaths and then walked over to the frog pond and got busy.... got out my winder and wound that sucker back into a sweet little yarn cake... I made sure I sweet talked this puppy, because frankly, I cannot do this all over again... I had a false start in the beginning, as the yarn fooled me into believing that it was striping all matchy-matchy, then BANG, while knitting with my Purl Gurls it suddenly began being not matchy-matchy, and since this surprise is for a lovely fellow knitter (no, you haven't who guessed yet) I want them to match FPS! Is that too much to ask for?

OK, I know that you know what I am knitting.... let's all just pretend it's all still a Super Secret Project... 'Kay?

OK, please send up some prayers, healing thoughts for Donna... she is a fellow NJ knitter who is having surgery. She is a reader of my little blog, and she could use some positive thoughts for a safe surgery and an easy and quick recovery!! Hugs and Prayers for you Donna!!

Back to my Super Secret Project...

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Anonymous said...

The word 'sock' is in the text of the much for yoursuper secret project!!!!