Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Soup - It does a body good!

Mommy got some chicken for broth at the store today. She added, one onion, a few stalks of celery, a few carrots and some peppercorns, and of course the chicken. She filled a pot with water and let the pot come to a full boil. Once it was boiling, she set the pot to simmer. Mmmmm a nice cozy smell filled the air.
Once the broth was cooked, I asked mommy to make my favorite dumplings. She does this all by eye, but from what I could see it was about a cup and a half of flour, a tsp of baking soda, a pinch of salt and two eggs. She mushed it all together until it made a gooey ball. Then she plopped it on a cutting board that had a dusting of flour and made....
Two loooooooong dumplings. I wanted more dumplings, so she...
cut the two long logs into pieces. This part is fun to watch, because the dumplings stick onto whatever touches them. I always laugh, and mommy's hands are gooey-messy!
Then mommy plops the dumplings into the strained and salted fresh broth... mmmmmmm
Then I get my own bowl of soup. Mommy was in a BIG hurry, we had a Basketball game to go to. Normally, she puts in freshly diced carrots and celery. It makes the soup more yummy, and more colorful. But mommy did her best tonight.
Look how happy my chicken soup made me!!!
Yeah!!!! Mommy's Great, She made me Chicken Soup. Eh, I'm also smiling, because I will be staying home the rest of the week! Sick Days!!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOOOOO


Jennifer said...

My oldest LOVES it when I make homemade chicken dumpling soup. I think he even fakes being sick just so I'll cook it for him. I love the picture of the soup smile. Priceless.

Caroline said...

Mmmm. your soup looks great. I'm looking at your blog around supper time, so maybe I should start cooking instead of reading about people who have actually fixed food for their families.

Have you considered making knitting needles with your kids' knitting group? When my daughter was younger, we had a lot of fun, making knitting needles from dowls. The ends were make of polymer clay. I got the idea out of Melanie Falick's Kids Knitting book.