Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sickie Germs, Sickie Germs GO AWAY!!!!!!!

OK, this is just plain old!!
Master E is sick with an ear infection. He never had one, even as a baby... and he gets one now at the age of 12? HUH??
And Miss M has a cold. I did have her seen by the doctor yesterday when I took Master E in for his symptoms... sigh... it's just old... Old - I tell you.
And to make matters worse, when I went to pick up some decongestant, for Master E, I had to hand over my drivers license!?!?!?!?!?!?! And had to wait in line for*ever to ask for the stuff because it's behind the counter? Sigh.....

Nothing like having an unhappy 5 year old at home, complaining that Hi-5 hasn't played any new episodes.... and trying to get all that needs to be done , done. :( And the 12 year old wants to watch *his* TV programs.

Knitting? Almost finished with DH Big Black Socks, and I started some Sockotta socks in 502 colorway. Waaaaay yummy!! I needed something mindless to take along for Easter dinner at my MIL's house. And DH's BBSocks are at the toe decreases... too much thinking. LOL

Oh, a shout out for the Alan Dart Shaun the Sheep Mobile pattern. I thought that I had an order coming from the UK, but they are out of stock and (sob) I cannot get it... if anyone has one that they would like to get rid of, please send me an e-mail... swissmich at mac dot com. Thanks so much, my girls and I are sheep crazy for Shaun.... Thanks

Gotta run 5 year olds left nose is clogged.... gotta laugh at that... it's a nostril honey.... a nostril.

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Yarngirl said...

So sorry - how they are on the mend now! Sorry I can't help with the sheep - but that left nose thing - LOL!!!