Monday, March 3, 2008


I just got the yarn for my Knitting Party that we are having here on Sunday for DD and her friends, more on that after it happens.

Included in the package was the yarn that I ordered to make my husband some house socks. For work he wears very fine gauge socks, but I want to knit some socks for him, so, I figured house socks would be great, sooooo he won't wear them out of the house... At least it's a pair of my socks. Wouldn't you know that I am so nervous? You'd never guess that we have been together for eons... sheesh... what is the matter with me? You'd think we were newly dating! Shaky hands...and all. Goodness Gracious!!

And yes, Janice, microwaved M&M's are awesome! Thank goodness the package is empty, I only had two servings...

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Donna Lee said...

My husband has favorite socks for work but I wanted to make him some. He only wears them around the house and swears he likes them. I am making him a plain brown pair in the hopes he will wear them to work. I figure if he doesn't, at least he wears them at home. And a knitting party sounds like great fun.