Saturday, March 1, 2008

My 5 year old is KNITTING!!!!!!!!!

This was Miss M last night.
I got her little knitting needles, one red, one blue, and some yarn... While I made dinner I had Miss J sit down with her show her what to do... and she was KNITTING!!!

"Red goes into blue J?"

"Yes, and off jumps Jack"

"I did it J, I made a stitch!!"

She proclaimed this to be the best day of her life!!

Then first thing this morning my Little Knitter, is playing Dishwasher Installer... LOL... our dishwasher died a week ago. We had a new one delivered this week... I guess 7 years of washing dishes for a family of 5 done the other one in.

Off to Basketball. Master E has a regular game, then is playing in a tournament later this afternoon. The girls and I will miss it, as we have cupcakes to bake for tomorrow... Miss M is having her birthday party at Build-a-Bear tomorrow.

Of course Miss M is already planning her knitting for the day.


Yarngirl said...

Yay!!! A new knitter and a new dishwasher!

Orinda5 said...

That picture of her knitting is priceless. I love the expression on her face - such focus. :)