Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Ice and Squares

Ice, and lots of it. It looks like we have icicle lights on the deck railing! It is a slushy mess out there. The kids do not have school today. That is a good thing. With the three of them sick the past few days, I'm glad they can be home and just relax. Miss J now has a sinus infection. Got to love the secondary infection. NOT.
You can hear the rain out there. It's so gray.... wet and cold.... the doctor has ordered KNITTING! hot tea, and a nice soup for dinner. Now, did the children hear that? Probably not... sigh.... Hey, I'm allowed to sigh... I had a DH with the flu, then 3 kids sick... and not a break... Sorry, I'm a bit cranky...
My square for Grandpa Rav... and the beginning of my Mitered Love... I have begun my mitered sock blanket. I Love the Mitered Square!!! Love it!! When I followed the pattern for this square, with fingering weight yarn, it has these, too cute for words, tiny holes that go up on the diagonal... Love.the.holes.!!

I have socks for Master E to finish (CTH Silver Streak), and some wrist warmers for my nephew (Olive Green and Steel Grey)to work on... and all I want to do is knit with colorful, fun, happy yarn... Maybe I'll sneak in a little Valentine's Day project... I love mini knits!

Off to have some coffeeeeeeee


Donna Lee said...

I just printed out a pattern for the mitered square. I want to use up the ends of the sock yarn in my stash. I haven't tried it yet but I am gathering all the bits of yarn together to check out colors.

Janice said...

Aren't ice storms amazing?? (Unless they knock out your power...) Sounds like you have some fun stuff on your needles!!