Monday, February 25, 2008

I Made My Goal!! With 3 Months to Spare!!

My Purl Gurl A was to teach me the 'Two Socks on One Circular Needle' Method. Then some sickness, physical therapy visits and three major holidays came along, precluding us from finishing our lessons. Along the way, I found that I LOVE my DPNs. I use the metal DPN from KnitPicks, and I enjoy the smooth feeling that they have while I knit. It's so comforting, I cannot even explain it. But I am sure that each knitter understands in their own way...
If you look at the beautiful colors of the yarn here Zitron Lifestyle, you can imagine how difficult it was to see these socks languishing in their project bag. I took those sweet babies out and ripped them off the Addi Turbo and put them on my ever-so-sweet KP DPNs and knit away. I finished them in less.than.a.week!!!! Granted all I had to do was pick up stitches from the heel flap, for the gusset. So it just seemed like a quick knit. Hmmmm or maybe I am getting faster? WHOOOOO HOOOOOOOO!!!!! I finished them last night and put them in a bowl with Eucalan and put them on my sock blockers... so sweet they are. I will wear them on Wednesday, when I get together with my Purl Gurls. I.Love.These.Socks!!!!!!

And a close up shot. Oh, I must explain... these are Fraternal socks. The two balls that I picked up did not match. So I split one ball and was going to make wrist warmers... when I saw Purl Gurl A's socks I thought "Fraternal be damned, I want these as socks!" Plus, it's just another way to talk to others about knitting. It's a conversation starter if you will... "Excuse me your socks don't match." "Why, yes, I know. I knit them up that way on purpose! Because I can!!"
Ahhhhhh Sweet no?

And these are my DS12 Master E's socks. Cherry Tree Hill - Silver Streak colorway. These were picked up off the floor of his room, and thrown onto the sock blockers ... they need to be washed... LOL. But they are FINALLY off the needles!! I finished them last week.
I have completed a goal that I set for myself. MY GOAL: To knit a pair of socks for each of my three children within one year of me learning to knit socks. I DID it!!!!!!!! I am so proud of myself!!!

May 22, 2007 was the date of my first pair finished socks!
Maybe I should see if I can squeeze in a pair for my wonderful DH... hmmmm

Of course now the children each have palced new orders for me... Miss M wants tube socks. Miss J wants some Zitron Lifestyle in the blue/brown colorway and Master E wants some darker socks. Did I mention that the kid has HUGE feet??? Size 10.5 mens...Oy 80 stitches for him...


Orinda5 said...

Oh - I love the yarn for your fraternal socks! I think they look quite lovely as a coordinating pair. :)

Jennifer said...

How cool is that? Congratulations.

Janice said...

of your socks look amazing!!! Congratulations on meeting your goal! There is something so fun about the uniqueness of handknit socks and how the colorways knit up.