Friday, December 14, 2007

Mom was here!!

And looked how we filled the time! My mom used up leftovers from my socks that I have knit up this past summer. I continued to knit up the red socks that I will be putting on the front of some cards for the teachers this year.
Darn, she had to leave. It would have been fun to continue knitting up mini socks this weekend. Then again with the little cold virus that is being passed amongst us... it's better she leave and save herself.

BTW, if you see the above picture as an avatar on Ravelry, it's my mom!! It's so cool that she's on Ravelry!!

I have one more sock to go of the Cherry Tree Hill in Wild Cherry, before I go back to the yummy Jill Deal yarns that I got around Thanksgiving!!

Peppermint socks here I come!!


Anonymous said...

I want to get my mom into Ravelry too but she only has dial up. One day.

Can't wait to see your peppermint socks.

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

My mother doesn't even know what a computer is.

Janice said...

How fun to have your mom with you! And knitting socks! Too cool. I'll be looking for your mom on Ravelry! And you both should come to the Loopy Spring Fling in April!!!

LadyHatton said...

Your mom is so cool. I hope I get to meet her sometime.
What is that lovely gold medal?