Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just a Little Sock Crazy!!

This just makes me smile. Fresh yarn cakes, waiting to become.... mini Christmas Socks!!!!!

These take just a few hours to knit up. If you don't have any interruptions, it will be even faster. I got a Loopy's Red Sock Kit, from The Loopy Ewe this summer, I used up all the Cherry Tree Hill, and began on a new skein. Then when I took my mom to my LYS and I was just supposed to look (because I still had CTH).... some super yummy alpaca fingering weight yarn in red (with little shiny flecks) and some creamy white jumped right into my grubby little hands... yummmmmmy!!!

I hope Sheri at Loopy Ewe won't mind that I use some artistic liberties with the pattern... ;)

I finished the "Candy Cane" sock, as my DD4 called it, this morning. I put both socks on some dry cleaning hangers, and wet them to block. I am sooooooo happy with these little guys. I happen to love this time of year, I happen to love the color reds and white too.... everything about this little project makes me so happy!!!!!

Love It!!!!!!!

Sadly I have to give these away... not sure if I can do it... I think I will have to knit up some more.... I have the two fresh yarn cakes, can't let good yarn go to waste!

Oh, it looks like a picot edge on the socks, it's not. I did stockinette stitch so that the cuff would roll over on itself. Both of my dear daughters are asking for some little socks, because these are soooo cute!!


Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I love those! I just can't knit the little socks - the big ones take all my time. If you're giving little ones away, there's a knitter here in California who would love one....

Anonymous said...

Very cute and very generous to share them.

Isn't artistic license what knitting's all about?

laura said...

So very cute - especially your "non-picot" edge.

I'm a little behind on things... so sorry about your foot.

knitter anonymous said...

Too cute for words!!!! I never knew, when you picked up the yarn, that they would be so adorable. Am I in the list of recipients? I like the striped ones!!!

Janice said...

Those are just too cute for words! I don't think I could give them up either! Love the yarn choice!

Donna Lee said...

I like red and white, too. All year long. The socks are too cute.

Knitty Gritty Thoughts said...

So very cute - I have a weakness for pepperminty socks! =)