Saturday, November 10, 2007


A view of our back yard, the playset for the kids, and our raised garden beds.

Must be the years that I lived in (get ready) Minnesota, MIchigan, Wisconsin and (my birthplace) Illinois! I LOVE SNOW!!! I am the biggest snow geek I know. I get so excited! The more the better. Especially when school in cancelled!

Actually, my dream world would be that the whole town would just close down when it snowed. We could all be comfy cozy in our homes, with a nice pot of something simmering on the stovetop, cookies in the oven and children playing happily out in the snow.

OK, a confession. My DH calls me an inside girl. I love to *look* at snow. I even like to *drive* in the snow!! (Love to drive on packed snow roads...where you hear the crunch of the snow under the tires.) I do not ski - and with my 40-something body - I won't be trying *that* sport anytime soon. Through the years of being pregnant, then nursing, I have not gone out to actually *play* in the snow... isn't that what *dads* are for? I love my place in the home. Cooking and baking and making sure that when everyone comes in from the cold there is a warm drink and a snack... I love preparing for a snow storm. I run to the store and stock up on yummy healthy comfort food, and I make sure that we have enough food and drink to keep up happily at home for a few days.

I love being stocked up on projects to work on during our snow days. In the earlier years, i was into Cross Stitch. I still love it, but with the kids, all the needles are just too much. Then it was Rubber Stamping, then Sewing... then ahhhhhhhh Knitting!!! As long as I have something to keep me busy and happy... I am like a little happy polar bear.

Today I break out my Gingerbread mugs... they always come out on the first snow of the year!!

Do you like snow? Anything special that you do to celebrate?


Anonymous said...

I've never lived in snow and don't like it too much - however, I do like reading about how you make it all a kind of celebration! Sure sounds like fun.

Janice said...

I like snow but HATE being cold. There is something wonderful about being snowed in with a fire in the fireplace and lots of fun foods to eat; games to play and projects to knit. I grew up in Minnesota where winter was my very favorite season with skiing and skating and sledding. Now I am more like you and enjoy looking at it more than being in it!!
We still haven't had any here.. but it can't be far off.

Carolyn said...

I'm so jealous! We aren't even close to snow here (Massachusetts). It's supposed to be in the 50's all week.

Enjoy that snow and I hope you're wrapped up in handknit goodies!