Monday, October 15, 2007

A-Maize-ing Weekend!

Saturday, I went to a LYS with DD9 to a Store Closing Sale. I feel like a vulture going to these type sales... but, what can I do? I spoke to the LYS owner and she understood my feelings, but was happy the goods were going to a good home with Knitting Daughter and I.

Then off to C@lifornia Pizz@ Kitchen for lunch. I took out my new Vogue Knitting magazine and DD9 took out a pen and began drawing a picture of DD4. We decided that before our food arrived it would be great to go wash up. We left our table and when we returned the waiter appeared and told us that our original table had been re-seated, but not to worry, we got a bigger table!!! "Uh... Where is my knitting magazine, pen and DD'd drawing?" It took the crew a good 10 mintues to find my magazine and the pen and drawing were never to be found. I guess, our table looked like we finished eating and drinking.... Sometimes I wonder if people think at all when they are working... I'm was, and am still very dissapointed.

Sunday, we and the S Family went to a Corn Maize. I had to take a picture of the funky looking roots the corn stalks had... very strange...

Here is a great picture of my DH with DD4, on the Blue Route. I love this picture. Thank goodness I was able to eek out a few pictures, my camera needed recharging.

What a nice fall weekend activity. Though I did see that if I *were* to go on one of those A-maize-ing Race type shows, I'd pretty much stink... I left it all up to Mr. & Mrs. S and DD4, she was our navigator. Oh, and we did get all the clues!! We won!! LOL

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Janice said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! I love going to those corn mazes! I do usually fear getting lost forever, however!!