Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Guess what I did this weekend.....

I got Knitting Mom (my mom) into knitting socks!!!!!
Mom and Dad read my blog... so I cannot give away all my, ummmm, techniques...

My parents and nephew (so far a non-knitter... but I'm working on it) came up for the long weekend. I was able to show my mom all of my knitting projects that I have been working on while she was away traveling... she looked at the socks, I saw a glimmer in her eyes, dove into my stash and gave her a skein of sock yarn and a set of DPNs.... she knit.

The next morning I heard something to the effect of - if the yarn were something she could work with easier... colors she liked... All I heard was that little voice in my head saying GOTTA GO TO THE LYS TO TOUCH, FEEL, AND SNIFF, AND FONDLE YARN!!!! ROAD TRIP!!!!

So, I *innocently* asked, "would you like me to take you to a yarn shop?"... with my little sweet innocent face.... ya, right!

Off we went to two LYS. The second one was a winner. She found some yarn in her colors. She did really well, even followed the written instructions I had for Eye of the Partridge heel. So far the sock looks awesome!!!

Non-Knitting-Nephew showed a bit of interest thnking about black and green sock yarn... I mentioned that we could try and dye some up in his colors... hmmmmmmmmm

Oh, and my dad showed in interest in handmade socks- something to the effect that they looked comfy... he has got some large feet size 12 or 13?? that's a whole lotta knittin'....

Soon I'll have mom reading knitting blogs and playing on Ravelry!! LOL right mom??

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Janice said...

How fun to have your mom be a fellow sock knitter!! What's really funny is that my mom just called yesterday to tell me that after the first of the year she wants to learn to knit socks!!