Monday, August 13, 2007

Juicy Melon - not meant for me.

I just tried to get the Juicy Melon on my foot, to see when I would need to begin the decreases for the toe - I could not get the thing on. I had DD9 try it on - she could not get the sock on. I had DD4 try it on. Big, but she will be able to wear the sock thru next year. I guess I don't 'got gauge'. I'm so upset about this. yet I'm not willing to frog the entire sock in order to remake it for my size. DD4 is beyond happy, but DD9 and I are a bit blue. Oh, and just so you know - DD9 and I have proper feet and usually have no problems getting socks on our feet. No cankles here. ;)

So, FO pictures will be much sooner than expected.


SwissKnits! said...
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laura said...

My condolences to your feet, but congrats to DD4's for scoring some cute socks! Looking forward to the FO pics. :)

Janice said...

Bummer about the sock. (For your sake!) DD4 is a lucky girl :-) I had to frog my first sock, and it was not pretty!! There weren't tear.. but it was close!! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as I take the kids to their schools. It is very hard...but exciting at the same time.
Happy Knitting :-)