Friday, April 24, 2009

What's This?

OOOOOOooooo pretty box... what's inside?

My yarn winder!! Now it can be in the living room, in plain view without being there, for all to see. That is my little organizational hint/tip for you. I got this box in the gift wrap section in T@rget. They were just a few dollars and in my opinion so worth it. The colors go well in that room, and I can have some of my knitting supplies close at hand. I have another one that houses the recharging cords for my digital camera, my iPod and cell phone.

So did you see the nice shawl that Stuck in Illinois made? Swoon... I too have been bitten by the shawl and lace bug, though these two shawls were knit using Trekking XXL sock yarn. I am disappointed in the size of the purple one, and I will see if the Frog and Fix bug hits me... I like the size of the gray one a bit better... It was great fun, though my husband said that for *him* the view was quite boring... LOL . Last I checked I knit for my pleasure, so his remark really made me laugh!!! Hey, it's great that he keeps an eye on what I am working on, I did find it funny!

Off to keep an eye on Cooper. He had the big snip yesterday. He had a more difficult surgery as he had an undecended testicle... it was way up in his abdomen. This morning I actually had to go get a second pain killer for him as he was wandering around the house just whining... when I called the vet to question this, they urged me to come in and get this second Rx for his pain... poor guy...

The sun is shining and it's supposed to be a beautiful weekend for us here in New Jersey... enjoy!!


Anna said...

Pretty shawls. My husband thought I was making a really, really big hat until I cast off.
Hope your pup feels better soon.

Jennifer said...

Ooh - great idea. Lovely box. Gorgeous shawls.

Hope Cooper feels better soon. Poor guy.

Yarnhog said...

Good tip! I use wicker baskets for the same purpose. When my kids were little, I had giant ones with lids to store their toys in the family room, and whenever the clutter started to bug me (about 10 times a day), I'd just scoop all the toys into the giant baskets and close the lids. It saved my little neat freak mind many, many times.