Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free Needles!!

No... sorry, I'm not giving away knitting needles...

I had quite a few projects set up and ready to go, or already on the needles for my summer in Sardinia, Italy last year. To be truthful, they pretty much all fell out of favor upon returning home in the fall, and I never had a chance to put the projects away properly as I became ill within a week of coming home. Then we were caught up in getting the kids set up with school, school activities, Billy Balsam, and the Holidays, then we got Cooper.

I couldn't find anything... I had even forgotten all the knitting stuff I HAD! I just couldn't take it any longer. Today I went through the bin that I threw everything into in September, and had such fun (no... really!!) putting everything back where it belonged... and freeing up countless pairs of DPNs and circular needles. And winding all the yarn back into cute little yarncakes. I feel so GOOD!!!!!

I feel like I will be more focused on the projects I have and that I love.
I do tend to have a few WIP on the needles, as I have different projects for different situations...
And now they are all fun projects that I LOVE!

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Donna Lee said...

I love the feeling of cleaning out the totes and finding things I forgot I loved. It's a very spring thing to do!