Monday, January 12, 2009

Hey, Hurry Up Kids, It's Time To Leave For School!!

Cooper can go up the staircase, but his paw pads are too slippery to make it down safely... he barks out of frustration to get help to come down. My back is killing me from his weight, the times I do need to carry him down the steps... so I needed something to temporarily block the steps. I believe as a member of our family, and as a dog, that Cooper will have access to all parts of our house once he learns what to to, when to do it, and that our socks are not to be ingested!!!! Until that point in time, I found this in the basement... it's from the bunk beds, it's the side rail (note: the kids are not using the beds as bunks, so this is not needed). I was very pleased, it's nice looking, sturdy, and by placing it in between the spindles of the staircase, it does not move. Ahhhh problem solved. Meanwhile Cooper tries to keep the kids in check and makes sure they are not Tardy to school. Thanks Cooper!!

What to do today? Well after having a migraine for the past four days... I will rest, make a nice dinner (ahead of time), so that we can make basketball practice for Miss J and have a healthy meal. I then plan to catch up on laundry, now that I can use the washer and dryer!! WHOOOT... and then a NAP... hopefully my day will include a bit of knitting... and a blog post telling you all about Major Knitter and her new group Finish or Frog it Fridays

What else? Oh, my mom and I have a blog that I thought you might like to take a look at sometime... Villa Alba, the later posts are about our Dobes Rupert and Cooper... take a look. The earlier posts are about our summer in Sardinia, Italy. In case seeing some beach pictures will make you happy.

What will you be doing today?


Jennifer said...

Thanks for the plug for the Finish or Frog It KAL. Love the dog picture. What a creative idea. You're ingenious.

Yarnhog said...

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but as a long-time dog mom, I laughed out loud at you solution. It's ingenious, but I'm guessing he'll have that barrier licked in about 4.3 seconds!