Sunday, October 26, 2008

Rhinebeck Wrap-up

This was my only yarn purchase at Rhinebeck... it will become either my Lavender Linen Lace Shawl from Knitted Shawl, Stoles & Scarves by Nancie M. Wiseman or a Clapotis it would be my first one. How cool is it that I already had the the Wiseman book, so once the vendor told me the pattern from the sample knit I didn't have to do much detective work at all. Blue Heron Yarn from Seaport Yarns.

What is on my needles? Feather and Fan by Wendy Johnson Last summer I knit a cowl from some KnitPicks Andean silk... When we cam back home after our summer vacation I looked at it and decided that I did not like the cowl at all. So I frogged that puppy now I am in love, love (1). Leaf courtesy of Miss M.

OK, Rhinebeck 2008. Miss J and I left at 6am. Got to Pete's Famous Restaurant and got some yummy breakfast. We saw The Painted Sheep lady did I say Hi? No... OMGoodness...too shy...we actually ended up parking right next to each other in the parking lot at Rhinebeck.

Miss J and I did make the Ravelry meet-up at noon. We got in the group picture... Well, there is a correction, Miss J ducked down and she is not visible anywhere... we did see Mary-Heather, Casey and Jess... but I did not recognize anyone else... I completely missed seeing Stephanie, aka Yarn Harlot... and all other Star Knitters... oh well.

Miss J was tired from out unusually busy week, and a dance the night before... she was ready to leave at lunchtime!!!! By that time I developed a migraine (gee what else is new), and despite dosing myself with my meds could not handle the crowds, the cold and a tired 10 year old... and I had to make sure that I could drive home the 2 plus hours... silly me... I was worried that my tummy troubles and my broken toe would hold me back this year at Rhinebeck....

Next year I have planned that I will take Miss J on Saturday, and then take the Jill Deal bus trip up on Sunday... that way I can get the my fibery needs taken care of over the two days and not have to cut my visit short and end up feeling like I missed one of the best fibery weekends of the year. I know that there are other Sheep and Wool Festivals, but this is the only one that fits in my schedule for Church and Youth Choir.

I picked up a nice Turkish Spindle and some nice Merino roving... I would have liked to spend some time with Bonnie to get comfortable with my new spindle... Next year...

For now I live vicariously through all the Rhinebeck Blog posts...

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