Friday, October 17, 2008

Rhinebeck Bound!!

Miss J and I are heading out early in the morning for our pilgrimage to Rhinebeck. I am looking forward to a day outside, with my daughter, looking at yarn and yarny things...the sheep, alpaca and llamas, and all that knitterly goodness.

I am hoping to remember to get over to the Ravelry Meet-up at noon. Must not forget like last year... Miss J and I will be brown bagging it there... I am still not 100% and the thought of anything fried... ewwwwwwww.

It should be a parade of knitted goods tomorrow, as it is supposed to be chilly and in the low 50's tomorrow. I will have my Anne Lacy Shawl, my Last Minute Knitted Gifts Airy Scarf (finished this morning - and already washed and blocked and dried), my wristies and my hand-knit socks. It sounds like a lot but in actuality it's not... I will not look like a yarny disaster.

I will try to take tons of pictures to share... I hope to see and meet many other blogger & Ravelry friends... gotta shake off my shyness tomorrow. Please don't be shy, say "hi", if you see me and Miss J (JJ Monkey on Ravelry)

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