Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Much Loved Socks

These are Miss M's socks that I made for her at the end of summer '07. She wears them all the time, sleeps with them next to her and loves them to death. (How much do I love that my kids all cherish their hand knit socks? It means the world to me.) She slipped out of them the other day to get into the bath and I found her socks like this in the hall. It was too funny to see them standing up on their own. We have had so much fun making them look like there are feet in them. Miss M *needs* a new pair of hand knit socks. These have been well loved, and Miss M is squeezing into them... my her feet have grown. Since she has been sick for nearly the whole week, I just let her pick any yarn she wanted.
She picked Shelly's yarn. Neon Watermelon.

These socks are flying. I am enjoying the quick color changes. I'm sure it seems that they are flying because I just finished Master E's socks (8o cast on stitches people!), and I about to finish up DH's Big Black Socks... so these tiny socks will be flying off the needles, and onto Miss M's feet.
I did the best I could with the picture... We have yet another dark rainy day here in NJ, so the colors are a tiny bit off...
For a 5 year old, this colorway rocks! It will go so well with her school clothes. I hope she will love them as much as her first ones. One day the first pair will go into a special box for her to remember how tiny and cute her feet were, and how much her Mommy loved her!

Nothing like a little Neon Watermelon to brighten up a dark and rainy day.

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Orinda5 said...

I love your neon watermelon cuffs! They are going to be really cute socks.

The socks standing on their own cracks me up.
It's wonderful they they are so well loved.