Friday, November 16, 2007

It's a whole 'nother day! :o)

And let me tell you, that it was quite the opposite of yesterday! There was a complete 180.

First of all what helped was that yesterday I purchased a new foot wrap, and it allowed me to put on a pair of sneakers today. It's much tighter than the Ace bandage, and less bulky... I then pulled out all of my shoes from my closet and began seeing if I could find at least one that I could fit into. I DID!!!!!! I was so excited!!! So today I drove to the mall armed with my new wrap, and wearing tennis shoes and with a whole new attitude!!

I found 3 pairs of shoes! One acceptable for church and the other two nice to wear everyday, and will showcase my few pairs of hand knit socks. To fill in until I can knit more socks, I splurged and bought a few cute socks as I shopped. I found Merino Wool socks at Tar-Zay, of all places. Shock!! Who would have thought?!

I also had a very nice lunch at Panera Bread. I ate my usual, as I never tire of it. Half Chicken Frontegra and half Fuji Apple salad, with an apple. Yum-O!!

Then I ran to the grocery store for some chicken for dinner tonight. I'm cooking!!! It's been awhile because if my foot.

We have a whole new mama in the house. I guess flopping around in slippers this past week, and imagining that I would forever be wearing them, depressed me a bit. I walked better today, and I bet you no one could tell that I was wearing a brace at all. I know that my foot felt so much better, so much steadier from wearing good shoes. I did have to rip the wrap off just now because with all the walking I did today, my foot began to swell. But I am off my foot for the rest of the day... promise!! As soon as I pick up the kids.

Oh Happy Day!!!


Sassy said...

happy day. i'm learning how to knit now

Pam the Yarn Goddess said...

I'm so happy for you! You MUST NOT overdo, however. I know how it is when you begin to feel better and think you can conquer the world (or the mall). I would hate to see you paying dearly for an afternoon of walking around.

How is your knitting going? I haven't heard from you in a while. :)

I'm thinking about you.

Janice said...

So glad that things are looking up!! But I do think that you could have worn some cute bunny slippers and been the talk of the town wherever you went! :-) I would still soak it up a bit and get as much recliner/knitting time as you can!!

Donna Lee said...

The foot braces are so much better than an ace bandage. The support is better as well. Just be careful, and take care of your ankle. Yay for new shoes!