Monday, September 10, 2007

Visit to the *Hostible* for the little one.

As if we did not have enough fun and excitement yesterday... the visit to the ER was the sour cherry on top.

The day began as our usual Sunday does, with us preparing for Church. Except today we were having Mass at the park for the begining of our Annual Church Picnic.

We enjoyed fellowship, food and pony rides!! oh and there were two bouncy castles!! Talk about fun for the little ones. Did I mention food? The kids really enjoyed the dessert table.

When we got home, the girls showered, I began knitting, DH did some computer work and DS12 played his DS games. It was nice to be home, out of the sun and heat. Then the girls watched the High Sch00l Music@l movie. They were dancing and having such fun - then it got silly. Then we heard the sickening THUMP on the very solid, very hard coffee table *that had been moved over to be out of the way* so no one would get hurt - ironic doncha think?

DH ran over from the kitchen, and we picked DD4 up and got her an ice pack. All seemed well. And just as I was saying I think we will be OK, I looked behind DD's ear, behind the ear did not look good at all. "Get in the car, we're going to the ER!"

Yep, good thing we went. 3 internal stitches, 7 external.

Soon, we will run out, fill our Rx and get makings for Star Soup. Homemade Beef broth with little star shaped pastina. I then take the meat and break it apart to put on the table. The kids can then put it in the soup, or eat it with salad. Very yummy. And it is one of the favorite "feel good" meals that I make for the family.


laura said...

Oh no!
I'm sending healing thoughts DD's way!

I just hate those surprise hospital visit days. Take care.

Janice said...

Hostible visits are no fun to be sure!! And stitches are no fun either! Hope she is feeling better!