Thursday, September 27, 2007

Nostepinnes, Magic Loops & Bears OH MY!!!!

Lookie at what came in the mail today! Trekking XXL in 81 colorway - the colors are so beautiful!!! Then a pattern for a Sheepy felted tote... that I will make with the yarn from my Chunky Cables that I will NOT be making. Lesson learned from Chunky Cables? Don't purchase materials, and pay for a class if the picture of the finished product does not make you heart sing and soar. And a nostepinne. I have wanted one of these for ages... and I really like challenging myself. I want to make lovely handmade yarn cakes.... I will bring my nost to piano lessons today... I will play, I mean *practice* winding while the kids have lessons. I've got to practice making yarn cakes... I just have to. This will be good for traveling, as it's hardly easy to bring a yarn winder around on worldly travels...

So, my Purl Gurls... I love them. We have such fun together, talking sometimes more than knitting... but we laugh... a LOT!
well, though I was perfectly happy knitting my socks on DPNs... At the beginning of summer Purl Gurl Jo and Purl Gurl Ar, took a class for two socks on the Magic Loop. And I thought that now that the kids are in school, it would be cool to learn so I asked Purl Gurl Ar to teach me Magic Loop. I cast on a week ago, I have to say that the beginning was confusing and I constantly thought that that I was doing it incorrectly... but once there was enough weight on the needles the loop wasn't twisting so badly... I happily got into the groove of the cuff and then the 3x1 ribbing. Yesterday I worked on the heel flap - using the Eye of the Partridge reinforced heel. Oh it is lovely. Pictures next time. Lifestyle yarn from Zitron... oh it is yummy... and soft... and despite the fact that the socks will be fraternal, I love them regardless. Thank you Purl Gurls for your patience and help in learning this!!

OK, BEARS? I do not have a picture. But here is my story. I had just brought the kids to school, I was avoiding the breakfast dishes and went to my comfy corner to check my e-mail. I have a nice window by my chair, that looks over our back yard. I see a black shadow, I turn my head and it's a bear. I stood in the middle of the family room looking for my camera, which is usually *always* by my computer... I remembered it was upstairs in the knitting bag that I took to Purl Gurls yesterday... DARN. So instead, of missing this moment to get the camera, I ran out onto the deck. Yup, a big huge bear, boy was he stinky!! You know that zoo smell? Well, that is the smell that was in the air, I was downwind, of course. I yelled to him, "Hi Mr. Bear!!!" He actually stopped and looked at me, then took off in a gallop to the woods leading to the neighbors yard. I then heard a car horn. My first thought was the kids next door, so I yelled out, "There is a bear out!!" Normally the bears here just go about their business, so no worries, but the M family has a 5 year old... I was worried that maybe they were out in thier driveway going to the bus stop. The horn was actually a neighbor down the street, she was in her car, coming back from dropping her daughter off at her school and she had followed the bear up the street and was trying to scare it away. I went out to make sure everything was OK and we chatted a bit and compared bear stories. Apparently down our street, they have quite a bit of bear activity... we rarely see them up here.

That is all for now...too much excitement for today

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Janice said...

We are back and I thought of you so often while we were in London!! I love the fun goodies you got in your package!! Never heard of a Nostepinne... looks like you are catching on quickly!! I do all my socks on 2 circulars... never tried magic loop. I do want to try 2 socks at once, tho....
Happy knitting!!