Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Mint or Cherry with your Everlasting Bagstopper?

I have two choices for my Everlasting Bagstopper (Knitty pattern) handles. Mint? The green & blue, or Cherry? The brown red ribbon. My plan is to have the ribbon come around the whole top of the bag, and also be the handles. I think that it will provide support to the top of the bag. It is an unstructured bag, I understand, at the same time I'd like the top to look as nice as possible. I guess to me, structured = nice & neat.

Has anyone thought about putting a lining in the bag? Would that just be too much? Maybe so.


LadyHatton said...

Excuse my ignorance--what is a bagstopper? it sounds interesting. The colors are nice.

Also heads up--I just came back from Michael's and a lot of yarn was on the dollar rack. It was that soft fluffy stuff, eyelash, and some stained glass type...that's the only kind I buy because I am a basic baby knitter who only makes scarves.

Lisa said...

I think I like the cherry better, but either color would be pretty. Also, if you want the bag to stretch, like a string shopping bag, then I wouldn't line it. Nice job!

Janice said...

well, I am a vote for the mint. I LOVE those colors! I haven't done one of these, but as a fellow bag lady, it's on my list :-)