Wednesday, September 5, 2007


OK, am I a horrible mom because I let out a WHOOOOOP! after dropping off DD9 and DS12 at school today? Am I too excited that at least until 12:30 when I have to pick them up, that I won't hear them fighting and screaming at each other? Or calling each other horrid names?


Plans for today? Drop off a Baby Jogger at Farm Shool. Then run to pick up Taco makings, as that was the Back to School Dinner requested by the kids. Salad & grilled fish for me.

Knitting? Maybe I'll get a few rows of my Everlasting Bagstopper. Or my Regia Jubilee socks that I picked up to finish last night.... the world is my oyster - until 12:30 that is...

Yes, DD4 is home, but skinned her knees up badly last night, so she is happy to sit and watch tv.

Friday is all mine, as all three kids will be at school until 3pm. Wonder what I will do all by myself??? Hmmmmmmmm

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Janice said...

You are so not a bad mom!!! I always looked forward to summer with the kids but then REALLY looked forward to school starting again :-) Isn't it amazing how fast the day can go??? Hope you lots of wonderful knitting time in the weeks ahead!!