Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sock it to me!

So I've been sucked into the sock thing... no I have not yet *knit* any socks yet... I have it in line to learn once I finish my Chunky Cables sweater. I'm trying to be good. Not to build a stash... not to sink in too much money... so that we can still live in our house, eat, and dress the kids... they like it that way... so I'm trying to not lose myself completely...
But I did order a book that clearly illustrates the three different methods of knitting socks (thank you Border's gift card).... I have faith that with a little homework on my end... and my Yahoo! Sock group that I am a member, and maybe a few well worded questions to my LYS owner, I will succeed. Thankfully I have three pairs of cute feet that are on the small size that I can try my technique on... 'specially the cute 4 year old's feet... they are too cute!

On Saturday we managed to get to three, 3, THREE yarn shops. One was simply divine!!!!! Loved it!!
It's still going thru my mind... I did manage to stop by the LYS here... it won't be opening full time until MAY!!!!! Oh NO!!!! and it seems a bit on the teeny tiny side... I was really hoping for it to be nice and big and a place to hang out... :( Anywhooooooo at the one Yummy Shop (on Saturday), I spoke to the owner about sock knitting and she showed me the Magic Loop method... oooooo I cannot wait. I did buy some Cascade Fixations yarn for DDjr. first pair of sock... Did I tell you that I cannot wait??

Ooooo another thing I recently got into is sewing up fabric project bags. I'm having a blast. Figuring out the whole process, without a pattern, learning from my failures and successes... I'm really enjoying this time. I'm so excited for the *next thing*... isn't life grand?

Off to make some more project bags....

SwissKnits (and sews)

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